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Ex-Goldman Sachs banker launches next-generation investing crypto and stocks app “Domain Money” after a $33 mil raise.

A former Goldman Sachs investment banker has turned to crypto and launched a crypto trading app in the wake of a $33M fundraising round. The platform aims to give serious investors more control and access to trading stocks and the crypto market, along with real-time market intelligence, actively-managed investment strategies, and live customer agents.

Domain Money’s platform provides a blend of stock and crypto-assets. Its founder, CEO Adam Dell has expanded the team, with 25 former staff members from Goldman Sachs.

The investment round included VC firms such as Maven, RRE Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, and noted venture capitalists Mark Benioff and Joe Lonsdale.

Domain Money advertises as the investment platform for people who are done playing games and want to get more serious about crypto. It aims to provide expert tools and investment insights in stocks and crypto, built by industry experts.

Crypto trading is provided to Domain Money’s client by Gemini Trust Company, LLC, and Apex Clearing will facilitate securities trading and custody.

“Domain Money’s mission is to build customer’s wealth,” said Mr. Dell on an announcement. “Our team utilizes time-tested investment strategies to build diversified growth-oriented portfolios for new and seasoned investors alike.”

Domain Money is available on the App Store and at



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